Fixed Income Sales & Trading

At B. Riley and Co., we offer unparalleled value, proprietary research, and creative banking solutions to our clients.

Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Fixed Income Sales & Trading

B. Riley FBR’s Fixed Income Sales & Trading division offers a broad array of investment, trading, analytic and underwriting services for banks, credit unions, trust departments, registered investment advisors, insurance companies, healthcare providers, municipalities, funds and pensions. The firm has implemented an institutional corporate trading desk to focus on trading and distribution in high yield and investment grade corporate debt as well as to leverage the firm’s network to assist companies with public debt.

Fixed Income Offerings:

U.S. Treasuries and Government Agency Securities
Investment Grade and High Yield Corporate Securities

Certificates of Deposit
Municipal Bonds

Mortgage/Asset-Backed Securities
SBIC Investments and CRA Credit

Brokered CD Funding Structures:

Bullet CDs
Callable CDs

Step-Up CDs
Variable Rate Structured CDs

Equity-Linked CDs

Support Service:

Fixed Income Security Transactions
Fixed Income Portfolio Asset Management

CD Structuring and Underwriting
Portfolio Asset Management – Corporate Retirement Plans

Portfolio Reporting
Safekeeping of Fixed Income Securities
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