At B. Riley and Co., we offer unparalleled value, proprietary research, and creative banking solutions to our clients.




B. Riley FBR prides itself on leading capital structure and restructuring advice, with services in both out-of-court and in-court scenarios. Our team of professionals has facilitated various transactions and visionary solutions that maximize value for our clients. We leverage our unparalleled expertise in various areas of the corporate lifecycle to deliver effective and favorable results for each client.

Strategic Advisory and M&A

Our Corporate Restructuring team offers impartial and independent strategic advice to stakeholders on a variety of complex and transformative transactions across various industries. As innovative problem solvers, we excel at providing our clients with tailored solutions that embody judgement, expertise, and a client-centric approach.

Capital Advisory

By leveraging our wide network of relationships to help facilitate our clients’ realization of their strategic objectives, we generate creative solutions on important issues involving capital. Our broad network of relationships facilitates our clients’ realization of their strategic objectives. Our professionals have contacts that specialize in allocating capital for every kind of special situation enabling us to consistently advise our clients on superior capital solutions.

Liability Management

Our experienced team has advised many of its corporate clients on liability management transactions related to companies’ capital structures. We have developed creative transaction structures that have proactively addressed stressed balance sheets and the need for growth capital and runway extension. By assisting our clients in developing and executing liability management transactions for our clients, we have allowed management teams to refocus on the operations of their businesses as opposed to their balance sheets.

Service Offerings:

Sector Expertise:

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Recent Transactions:

December, 2018
Sole Placement Agent
October, 2018
Convertible Notes Offering Financial Advisor
November, 2018
Exclusive Financial Advisor
November, 2018
Sell-Side Advisor
November, 2018
Financial Advisor
October, 2018
Sell-side Advisor
September, 2018
Common Stock Offering Sole Bookrunner
August, 2018
Sole Bookrunner in CMPO
August, 2018
Sole Bookrunner Follow On, Private Placement
June, 2018
Lead Left Bookrunner in SPAC IPO
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